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    Smart Remote Switch

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    Livo Combo Remote Control Switch

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    • Great product controlled both by wall touch switch and by any directional remote switch up to 20 meters
    • 5-speed regulators for up to 120W fan of any brand with LED neon on the wall switch indicating speed and switching 2 lights up to 300Wof any brand
    • Easy to install at 3 X 3 junction box
    • Fireproof PC material
    • 6-month warranty product Specifications:
    • Input Voltage: AC 100V-250V 50/60Hz
    • Load: Fan up to 120W
    • Load: LED up to 300W
    • Remote Distance up to 20 meters
    • RF: 433.92MHz
    • Working Ambient Temperature: -10 degree C to + 50 degrees C


    Powerpoint Type

    Light Switches


    LRSRE 02


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